Step 2 – Finding Out what you need

First we will interview you about your business. We will find out what your business needs are for the site and then implement a design to execute them. Sure the site will look great, but we are not in the business to get design awards. If we get people completing the actions you want, be that phone calls, forms filled out, or other actions that help your business, we know we have done a great job.

For some clients, an award winning, bleeding edge site may be the answer. For others, it may be an e-commerce site is the answer. For others, a simple site with a great lead generating page is the answer. We have a great deal of experience creating any of these site.

Or you may have a website that is just dated. It does not work well on a smartphone, it is clunky, or it does not convert. We can give your image a makeover dedicated to improving the business.

Step 3 – Executing the Site

After we determine your business needs and craft a strategy, we will work with you and your team to create an effective website. You can supply the copy or our copywriter will interview you and your team and create compelling copy and taking a tough task off the table for you.

We will build the site in a test environment and make sure it looks great on all the major platforms people will see it on. In the past websites were designed just for a computer. Today’s world demands that your site looks great on smartphones and tablets as well.

After the site is launched, we monitor it and manage all the security updates in a timely manner. You can also have us do content updates on your site and you will always have access if you wish to do it on your own. We do charge a monthly or discounted yearly fee for hosting, but if you have your own hosting package we will set it up on that service and you pay us only if you need us. We do not hold our clients hostage. We earn your business every day.

Step 1  – Make the Call – 910-795-0930

It all starts with you making the phone call or filling out the form below.  Give us a call for a free consultation. We will review your needs, develop a strategy on how your web presence can best grow your business, and then present you with the plan.